MANA @ Marsden Mentoring Program

Aug 08, 2019

3 Wiiise Group  and MANA Pasifika have partnered with Marsden SHS to run an innovative mentoring program that prepares students in the Trades Centre with runways to their careers of choice.

Including industry mentors (across carpentry, bricklaying, cabinet-making, tiling, etc) as well as young role models (from the QUT Pasifika Students Association) to foster identity, character, growth mindset equips and prepares our students with:

- industry links

- apprenticeship opportunities

- post-school career pathways

- values, mindsets and behaviours for success.

The program was birthed when Tom Patterson was studying to become a teacher at QUT where he met Andrew Fa'avale and they discussed how education in trades can be done differently - especially for Pasifika students.