Are you doing business in the Pacific Islands?

Or Pasifika Peoples from the region?
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This course if for your Organisation if you:

Bring Pacific peoples to work in Australia

If you are an Approved Employer under the Pacific & Australia Labour Mobility Scheme or bring Pacific staff to Australia direct, contact us,

Carry out work in the Pacific

If you work in the Pacific region as a consultant, private company or as part of a government project, this course is for you.

Have an office in the Pacific Islands

If you have an office in the Pacific Islands and want to know how to maximise your geolocation and trade, sign up now.

We are aware that you have contracts and compliance to adhere to, BUT:

  • Are you certain your client(s) have fully understood their service contract?
  • Is your client really aware of their roles and responsibilities?
  • Are your clients quiet and/or shy or are they simply not communicating their thoughts?


If you have these types of questions in mind, chances are your Pacific clients have questions of their own.

This course will examine how you can rid these uncertainties from your role and work, by exploring how culture and cross-cultural communication count! 

Upon completion, you will:

  • Have more effective communication strategies
  • Improve the clarity of your message, especially around roles and responsibilities
  • Enhance your skills, support and systems to be successful in dealing with Pasifika peoples from the region
  • Be able to create more culturally-nuanced and impactful strategies and policies.
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Work more effectively with Pacific peoples in and from the region

Get in touch with us today if you are doing business in the Pacific to find out more about our Pasifika courses.

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