In the past two modules we’ve journeyed together to explore some broad concepts about culture, your cultural make-up and then shifted focus to look at the traditional worldviews of early Pasifika peoples, and their migration paths. We discussed how the Australian South Sea Islander and Torres Strait Islander populations have roots to Melanesia and covered how and why early Pasifika peoples arrived in Australia.

In this module we will pick up from where we left off, and look at Pasifika peoples in Australia more recently up until now.

Before you start, check out this video of how the National Rugby League (NRL) have supported Pasifika youth here in Australia through their Pasifika Youth Summit themed “Awaken the Warrior”. Connection to culture is a protective factor and critical element for our youth reaching their potential. 

NRL Pasifika Youth Summit – Awaken the WARRIOR

In the comments section below or in your own private notes, write what you see as the main take home messages from the ‘Awaken the Warrior’ video.

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