Wrapping Things Up


You have reached the end of the ‘Working with Pasifika Peoples’ online course!

Please watch the video above for our personalised message, but thank you for being curious about Pasifika peoples, thank you for committing to knowing more about who we are, how we see the world and how you can engage more effectively with us.

If you have any questions or follow up comments, or want to chat about anything to do with this course or your work, feel free to email us at info@3wg.com.au or call 1800 171 050. 

This course was written to provide an introduction to working with Pasifika peoples – and as good as self-paced learning is, our workshops provide opportunities for our members to engage with others in a deeper and collaborative way to discuss and exchange experiences, stories and tips for engagement. To enrol in the next one, go to the following link or email info@3wg.com.au.

The link is https://www.3wg.com.au/pasifikaworkshops

Please complete this feedback form to let us know your experience of the course (your feedback is immeasurably important to us): Online Course Feedback Form. Just enter your details at the end of the feedback form so we can send out your Certificate of Completion with the competencies you have covered on the back.

So to conclude, all the best in your work and your cultural competence journey – we hope to stay in touch and journey with you… because:

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